Warner Swasey H550

Take a look at this old gem. It’s a Warner Swasey H550. This old machine sits a stretch of road outside of Rome, NY that is home to a few other goodies including yet another H550! I believe many years ago I shared a post of an old Mack from this general location along with a former mobile command unit of the SPD. It looks this machine is capable of moving under it’s own power via a Detroit Diesel….as the good Lord intended.

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5 Responses to Warner Swasey H550

  1. Joe says:

    Nice. I remember the Town of Skaneateles used to have one of these.


    If I remember Right this is a HOPTO 5/8 YD. BACKHOE. iT WAS usually pOWERED WITH A 4-53 DETROIT.

  3. carter fisher says:

    i am looking for 550 parts or a hole hoe

  4. Clinton Hardcastle says:

    My grandma has a whole one at her place
    Has 36″ bucket,5′ cleaning bucket an a 5 tine bucket for lifting concrete ditch mad out of t1 steel it’s on rubber tires not tracks
    I can get pics for yeah later on

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