Water Main Replacement

This past week I’ve been watching crews from the City of Syracuse Water Department work on replacing 317 foot of water pipe under East Fayette Street. A thick layer of concrete exists under the pavement that has proved to be more than a stubborn at times but nothing that a little jack hammer action couldn’t resolve.

Since were on the topic of the water department you’ll find shots of their brand new Case backhoe and new International WorkStar dump truck. They won’t look this clean and shiny following the broken water mains of winter that occur almost like clockwork.


Here is a video of the action as a I saw it. The ol’ Kobelco sk170 really is rocking and rolling as it works to break through the concrete. You’ll also get to see the Cat 430E chipping away with its jack hammer while watching single axle trucks being loaded well beyond what private haulers would dream of doing.

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