What Was. What Is.

When a new truck like the Western Star 49X hits the market I typically don’t expect to see a cash strapped municipality like the City of Syracuse with one let alone three but that’s exactly what they have.

Here is the brand new 285 of the SDPW fleet. Previously 285 was worn by an AWD International Paystar 5000 single axle as seen below.

And here is the new 283. And just like 285 it replaced another International Paystar.It didn’t occur to me until after that 283 is a SBA configuration. Below, the old 283 pushing snow for the Vohl blower to attack.

Well, I think you know my thoughts on the matter when it comes to what trucks I wish were still part of the fleet. 😉

Old 283 in action. Sold for 4,550 at auction in July of 2021.

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