White 4000 Wrecker

Today we have a few more great photos from David and his time spent around heavy duty wreckers. In his own words let’s hear about this classic.

The Big White 4000 was not my regular truck either, but to this day, easily the most comfortable truck I ever drove. It had the big Autocar Driver’s cab, and despite a PT270, no dog house at all. It had a 9 speed, so shifting was easy, and a White Velvet Ride Torsion Rubber tandem. Rode like a dream, easy to see out of, handled well, just a nice truck overall. It sported a 25 ton weld buily with heavy winches.


But not all Whites were built alike and handed as nicely as the 4000.

The other White was also a rolling repaint; a neat truck. 6-200 gas, 5&2, 35,000 gvw. Wheelbase cut way down, it sported a 20 ton Ortiz, drove nice, but rode hard. Very maneuverable.


Another shot of the 4000 and friend.


The International below was spotted for sale many years ago in Vermont. I know some of you got excited the moment you saw the for sale sign but your time has come and gone. David points out that the wrecker body is a Holmes 750. The large air filter and Luberfiner suggest this truck is a F210D.


Thanks for sharing yet another round of great photos David!

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