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It’s always a good day when I receive photos like the ones below. To start Joe sends this insane Kenworth used to haul the funny car of Mike Knowles. I like how the truck is registered as private RV. Toss the log book right out the window!

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This Kenworth looks like a W900. If you know better please speak up.

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Moving to the other end of the truck spectrum Patrick sends in this Brockway 361. *Correction 761*

Brockway 361 – Click to Enlarge

Hiding in the weeds near Johnstown, PA. Can it be saved? Will ever run again? We may never know.

Do you have any photos/videos/stories you would like to share? Email Me!


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2 Responses to Your Photos

  1. Kurt McLucas says:


    Where about(s) within Johnstown, PA did you come across the 361?
    I live in the same area…would love to see it.


  2. 104trucker says:

    Thats a 761 Eric!

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