Youtube Gems

Recently the website Jalopnik has stumbled across a great selection of diesel and truck related videos. Usually the site revolves around the Japanese sun that is the Miata but occasionally something much cooler, like a drifting S-Series International, sneaks into the mix. The poster of the video tells us his friend Ben recently performed some upgrades to the humble DT466 that “really woke her up”. Just like throwing cold water in sleepy baby’s face.

Formual1 cars are marvelous feats of engineering capable of performance that is unrivaled in any other form of motorsport. Toss in a Renault semi jumping off a ramp and you’ve got one fantastic video. I love what happens to the pavement.

Adding to the list of things I never thought I would see, a drag racing backhoe. Capable of reaching speeds of 100mph because, well, just because.



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