The Look of CNG

There has been much noise recently about alternative fuel sources for trucks.  Last year it was all about electric vehicles.  This year, it’s all about another fossil fuel taking the stage, natural gas.  I will spare you the mumbo jumbo about what fuel is better and why as we’ve been over that more than a few times.  However, I would like to highlight some of the equipment necessary when running a liquefied or compressed natural gas vehicle.

Below is National Grid Freightliner M112 dump truck with a compressed natural gas setup.  How can you tell?  The large square box behind the cab is a dead give away of CNG system.  A setup of this kind is the equivalent of 75 diesel gallons.  If you don’t like the equipment mounted behind the cab you can opt for a LNG (liquefied) setup which  provides you with the more traditional saddle tanks typically used with diesel fuel.  LNG tanks offer the equivalent of 86 diesel gallons (dge).

Freightliner M112 CNG - Click to Enlarge

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