1946 Sterling Cement Mixer

It took a little over a decade but I was finally able to grab a half decent shot of this 1946 Sterling. The first time I remember seeing this truck was back in 2002, maybe even earlier. I went to the Hard Hat Expo and found this truck as part of display advertising the 2003 ATHS national meet that was to be held in Syracuse. Digital cameras were just starting to come into their own so I didn’t hesitate to snap a few photos despite not being able to get the truck in frame or without people in the way.


Despite all the years and truck shows that have passed since then I don’t recall crossing paths with this truck more than once. Recently¬†the Sterling¬†resurfaced as part of the Tracey Road Equipment open house. It sat on display in their front yard for a number of days before I finally stopped by to grab an updated photo for my collection. I almost let it get away again!

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