1972 Brockway U360

This past Saturday while the Brockway Museum installed the new exhibits for the year I took a ride with Russell Bonds and his 1973 361 Husky. Russell’s truck actually had just been released after being on display for a nearly a year. It proved to be one of the more stubborn trucks of the morning with a pair of rear drums that just wouldn’t release. Eventually a large hammer and a little pushing and pulling broke everything free. You’d be hard press to know this truck had not run in nearly year when you saw it cruising down the main street of Cortland a short twenty minutes after it rolled out of the museum. It’s a true testamentĀ to the Brockway name and the people who keep them running to this very day.

The inaugural trip of the 2016 truck seasonĀ found us escorting one of the newest additions to the museum display roster in the form of a 1972 U360 with a 12V Detroit. I’ll let the trucks do the talking from here.

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