Canadian Spread

I saw this Mack lurking behind a diner last week and promptly made a detour for a closer look. The second I saw it from the interstate I knew this truck was not original to New York State or many nearby locations…unless your travel north and visit our fine Canadian neighbors. Just look at that long wheelbase with a noticeable gap between the two rear axles. That famous Canadian spread. I know the photos don’t clearly show this fact but trust me on it. Also, that pusher axle is practically siting underneath the cab. Google Canadian dump trucks axle spread and you’ll see what I mean. Clearly, Canada has different bridge formulas than the United States.

Mack Dump Truck

The unknown dump body out back is a real eye catcher as well. It’s very long and tampers down toward the rear of the bed. The automatic tailgate goes without identification but is extremely different. This kind of setup also seems very popular on Canadian trucks.

Mack Dump Truck

If anyone out there has information to share on this setup please leave a comment below.

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  1. Joe Di Carlo says:

    The box manufacturer is called Breda Machine and the type of box is called an excavator box. We call the square style box questions contracters box. The Canadian spread is 60 inches. I’m a dump truck driver from Toronto Ontario and this truck is an Ontario spec triaxle

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