2014 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Mack Trucks

I thought this was a neat photo highlighting what the old dump truck on the right could become with a little elbow grease and plenty of that green paper. If your a pessimist this photo shows you what could happen to the truck truck after years of use and abuse. Either way, this old Mack dumper was one of my favorites trucks of the show. The back of the cab was missing but not because of rust. I surmise it was the entrance to sleeper at one point. This must have been a sharp looking machine back in the day.

Old Mack Trucks

I liked the look of this old B-Model too. Just the right amount of repairs done to keep it moving under its own power. Oh yeah, it has an air starter. What a beautiful sound, just like a baby taking its first breath. Click here to see some rolling shots.

B-Model Mack

Here is a rear end that you can stare at and not get busted by your wife. It belongs to a 1948 Mack LM and we’ve seen it before but I never tire of it. Large. Loud. In charge.

Mack LM

The gallery below contains even more bulldogs. By no means is this complete coverage of all the Macks the made the journey to Ballston Spa. Maybe, MAYBE, I have shown you half of them. I have some videos coming that will help fill in the blanks so hang tight! Simply to many trucks too take in and photograph. That my friends is the sign of a wonderful truck show.

*Update* John tells us the rusty Mack dump truck was once owned by Breakstone Foods and used as a yard tractor which helps to explain the large entrance at the rear of the cab. Thanks John!

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