2014 ATHS Hudson Mohawk Classic Truck Show

Some might say that I am milking the coverage of the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show. I choose to believe that I am savoring the event. Why rush through the photos and videos? Let them wash over you like warm bath water and relax.

Our Canadian neighbors sure do have a lot of nice Freightliners running around. Check out this one from Procter’s Cartage. Just as nice as the one from the Northern Empire State¬†show.

Freightliner FLD

Kenworth anyone?

Kenworth W900

I love when people go through the effort of dragging specialty equipment to the show. Check out this Walter airport crash truck. The painted over door seals read Republic Airport of Long Island.

Walter Airport Fire Truck

Plenty of other cool trucks in the two page gallery below. The show this year had a great balance of rigs with just about something for everyone. Tomorrow I’ll finish up photo coverage with a selection of all the Mack trucks that made up the show field. *Spoiler Alert* There are tons!

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