2016 ATHS National Convention and Truck Show

It seems like just yesterday that I was at the fairgrounds in York, PA enjoying the ATHS National Convention and Truck Show. It was a great time full of wonderful trucks and people. This year the show was held in Salem, Oregon and while it was all the way on the west coast the same mix of great trucks and people present at York were to be found on the show grounds. While I wasn’t able to attend the show this year Ryan did a fantastic job as usual capturing the action. As expected the native sons of the west, namely Peterbilt and Kenworth, were heavy in attendance. A prime example is seen below.

Kenworth Heavy Haul

Former Canadian nameplates of Pacific and Hayes were also to be found in large numbers. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Pacific Truck

Oregon and logging are synonymous with each other so there were plenty of restored logging trucks to admire.

Sterling Logging Truck

And it wouldn’t be a true national show without a healthy mix of rare and unique models like this Paymaster.

Paymaster Truck

Or what appears to be a Marmon Herrington Model 610.

Marmon Herrington Truck

Sitting the backyard of Daimler Trucks North America HQ both Western Star and Freightliner brought some concept and show model trucks. This particular Arogsy probably was the model used as the vehicle inhabited by Megatron in Transformers 4.

Megatron Truck

So much to see. So little time. It’s a formula that is bound to make any truck fan happy. Below, a select gallery of Ryan’s photos from the event.

My limit for today’s post was 25 photos and I couldn’t do it. Ryan simply took too many amazing photos! I highly encourage you to check out the rest of the photos by clicking here.

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