Last Call

There was a bar here once. It went by the name of Shenanigans. At some point in the past five years or so it closed. Sitting a busy part of the city more than a few more entrepreneurs tried to make a go of it. Some failed on their own merits while others closed after their patrons began shootings each other in the street. Eventually interest in the building ceased and it sat empty.

Mack Dump Trucks

In the background of this photo and toward the right you’ll see the empty NYNEX building. Last year a pipe burst in the the two story underground parking garage creating a flood that went unnoticed until it breached the street. Much of this water migrated across the way to the Shenanigans basement and there it sat, soaking and rotting.

Mack CL Dump Truck

Right around the same time of the flooding basement work on the Connective Corridor was taking place. Months of heavy equipment digging and pounding on the streets and sidewalks took their toll on an already compromised foundation. At some point a portion of the footing collapsed and the fat lady started singing.

Cat Excavator

I was surprised to see this building go. It was there one Friday afternoon and by the following Monday it was gone. Normally I would have been upset to miss some demo action but I was out of town at the Mahan Collection that weekend. A decent trade off.




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