2017 ATHS Hudson Mohawk – Part II

Who doesn’t love a good International picture. It becomes even better when you have two more in the background!

Today we’ll wrap up with photo coverage but the videos will continue, at least two more should be in the works soon. But, before we do, check out this B-Model. Strange isn’t it? At first glance I thought someone had frankenstein’d an International DCF and a B-Model into some unholy creation. After the initial shock I recalled that there was company by the name of Clariben that produced fiberglass aftermarket hoods for trucks that originally came equipped with steel hoods. Along with increasing the longevity of a truck these hoods also provided a tilt forward function not available with the original style hood. And if it couldn’t get any stranger this truck is packing a Detroit 8V-53.

And the rest of the sun soaked field.

Some good trucks in this video. Eventually the B-Model from above and many of the others will show up.

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