2017 ATHS Hudson Mohawk

I’ve been saying it for years but if you are not going to the ATHS Hudson Mohawk classic truck show you are missing out on of the best truck shows around. For the 28th year the wonderful group of members and volunteers pulled off another exceptional show with a record breaking number of trucks on display. Old favorites and new faces always help round out the show field and keep you coming back year after year.

As the truck show season begins to wind to a close I’m left feeling positive about the strength of the hobby. Traveling around as I do I’ve seen much cross pollination from different ATHS, ATCA, and other truck related clubs this year. People are traveling to new shows, bringing out new trucks and generally having a great time regardless of distance and time. For instance I knew Alyne had a nice B-Model they use as an attention getter but this Superliner was a true bombshell.

As is the tradition, let us enjoy video footage of the truck arriving to the show. 

Much more to come!

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