2019 CNY ATHS Chapter Show

One of the best little truck shows around. That’s the CNY annual chapter show. I suppose I shouldn’t call it a little show as they routinely have over 200 trucks from pickups to big rigs but you know what kind of machines get my attention.

That’s right. Big rigs. But I’m also partial to military vehicles as well. I had never seen a Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando before but here it was. The owner considers this rig a work in progress still but I’m willing to be it never looked this good in its life before! Believe it or not the Commando spent many years as a target at the White Sands missile range! Thanks goodness for poor aim I suppose.

There is always good variety at the CNY show. From big to small this show has it all. Please enjoy the gallery below.

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