Skyline Domination

The skyline of Syracuse, NY is due for a major change very shortly in more ways than one. Soon the boom of the massive crawler crane, a Liebherr LR11000 will tower more than 500 feet into the air. It’s job will be to raise massive steel beams that will form the support ring of the newly designed permanent roof of the Carrier Dome. That’s right. The Dome is going solid. If you want one last shot of the how it once was you better hustle yourself up the hill because once the crane is done nothing will ever be the same.

Over 50 trucks loads of crane parts have already arrived from the Port of New York and New Jersey with more on the way each day. The total assembled weight of this beast is over 3 million pounds with a designed lifting capacity of 1,100 tons. The local paper has a nice little story of the entire affair you can read by clicking here.

I’ve been wandering up the job site for a few months and watched as a steep grassy hill was transformed into flat base for the crane. Check out the pictures below to see the progression. I’ll try to keep tabs on this event but the hike from my office is intense this time of the year. Uber or Lyft?

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  1. John Sweet says:

    Nice job Eric
    Some great shots

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