250,000 T-800’s

The 250,000th T-800 has just rolled off the assembly line.  Time to panic?  The answer would be yes if the T-800 in question was manufactured by Cyberdyne Systems.  Thankfully Skynet has yet to take over and the T-800 is still just a tough truck built by Kenworth using human workers.  Last year Kenworth celebrated 25 years of T series goodness and now they can revel in this new production milestone.  Click the source link at the bottom of the page for the full details and specs of the 250,000th truck.

Kenworth T-800

On the topic of Kenworth how would you like to drive the new T680?  Even better, how would you like to tour the factory in O-HI-O that builds this brand new model?  But wait, there’s more!  You and guest will have enjoy the frills of traveling on the dime of Kenworth!  This includes,hotel, airfare and meals!  Click here for the official contest website!

Source: Fleetowner.com  Image: Kenworth.com

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  1. Dan says:

    T800 is a sharp looking truck!

    Uggghhh I only have my permit, wonder if I could co-enter with someone who has a class A?? lol.

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