In Memory

Some may find this photo to be morbid, after all, both companies pictured ceased to exist years ago.  I won’t get into the details or theories for why theses two companies are no longer around.  Some will blame management.  Others will blame employee unions.  No matter what turn the discussion takes the end result remains the same.  Two long established companies closed and left many hard working people without employment.

Consolidated Freightways was one of the big names in the U.S. transportation industry.  Before declaring bankruptcy in 2002 it was one of the largest coast to coast trucking firms.  The legacy of CF is a long one that continues to have an impact on the trucking industry to this very day.  You see, CF founded the truck manufacturer Freightliner.  The popular story being that CF owners were unable to find a truck that meet their specific needs so the decided to build their own.  The modern trucking company Con-way was also formed from the LTL (less then truck load) side of the CF empire.

This Ford Aeromax L9000 is attached to a reefer trailer that once belonged to P&C Food Markets which operated stores across NY, PA, OH and WV.  P&C was finally put out of its misery in late 2010 when the remainder of its stores were purchased by Tops Markets.

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