A Glimpse of Things to Come

Is the future of truck design upon us?  What is the mystery product below?  Will it truly revolutionize the industry as Freightliner claims?  The answer to these questions and more will be answered in a less than a month’s time at the Mid American Truck Show.  Maybe this concept truck will resemble the entries seen here at the Freightliner Facebook page.

From the photo below there is not much to see.  The hood looks to be massive and the top of the cab appears to have rabbit ears.  The mirrors resemble those on a passenger car.  LED lighting, so popular on luxury cars, also has big role in this concept vehicle.  As to the technology we can’t see, I’m guessing it is hover related.  That’s right, wheels will be a thing of the past.  No matter, wheels or no wheels, it will be covered by Daily Diesel Dose when I attend MATS next month.

Future Freightliner to appear at MATS 2012

Source: Freightliner Revolution

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