Top 30 Autocars – Part III

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen more than a few great Autocars that have appeared on this site over the last four years. There have been so many great trucks it was difficult to compile a list of thirty! I easily could have gone forty maybe even fifty. Anyway, this last batch has plenty of awesome iron including two 6×6 models, an immaculately restored 1949 DC100, a ’68 pumper and a super long wheel base oil field rig. Thank you to all that have shared your finds from over the years. I know I can speak for many out there when I say it is deeply appreciated.

Click here for Part I and Part II

1974 DC9964 of Clayton Block - Shared by Joe Kelly

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4 Responses to Top 30 Autocars – Part III

  1. George Murphey says:

    Andy Henderson’s — MY FAVE!!!!

  2. Ed Vanderwall says:

    Great job on the Autocars! Must have been tough to pick the top ones.

    William M. Larned and Sons in Rotterdam still have a couple in service. I passed one on Rt. 9 in Half-moon last week but was unable to swing around in time to catch up with it.
    You may already have a photo of one of theirs on file.

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