Alkane Truck Company

Looks like there is a new truck manufacturer hitting the scene by the name of Alkane Truck Company. It takes a brave soul or a company with a truly innovate product to experience success in the mature business that is the North American heavy truck market. So which one is Alkane? With some sort of base out of North Carolina, ATC is seeking to be the only truck builder with an all propane powered lineup. By using a Ford sourced V-10 Triton engine and six speed transmission the company hopes to jump on the growing bandwagon of alternative fueled vehicles. The U.S. is more the capable of providing this energy source through domestic production so I feel this is a good thing. Visiting their website shows a variety of models but it appears from press releases the P-33 (33,000 GVW) and the P-26 (25,999 GVW) are the primary focus. All photos are computer generated so I remain skeptical until I see one the flesh. Below is a rendition of the Class 7 offering.


Very European styling. The lights remind me of a Volvo, the air scoops remind me of a Scania. Larger Class 8 trucks are also mentioned at the Alkane website which are powered by Cummins Westport engines and Eaton transmissions. Every domestic manufacturer of commercial trucks offers some sort of natural gas or propane options so it remains to be see what kind of foothold Alkane will grab. I’m not sure how receptive U.S. buyers will be of the body styling. We like long hoods and big stacks in this here country! Just kidding…but only a little. At the end of the day money talks.

Source and Images: Alkane Trucks

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