Autocar Mondays – Autocar Wrecker

Whenever possible I like to use the words of those that submit photos and stories to this site. Today we have a mechanical marvel for Autocar Mondays courtesy of David. As he tells it….

The wrecker was a custom build, for my old friend Bill Parker. It started as a mixer or block chassis, with 20k front, and 55k tandem, a roaring 220 Cummins, and a 6 speed with a 4 way auxiliary. The unit started as a Holmes 750, longer, bigger booms, 65k drag winch, and custom body by Weld-Built.┬áIt was the pinnacle of brute strength in mechanical wreckers, if this couldn’t do it, it could not be done. Soon hydraulics came to market, and both the mechanical wrecker and a lot of the skills necessary to rig it joined the rest of the dinosaurs.

Autocar Tow Truck


What more needs to be said? I picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks again for sharing David!

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