At the Dealer – Three Coronados for J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt is one of the largest trucking companies in North America. Chances are high that you have passed at least one of their trucks the last time you were on the interstate. Most of their fleet is comprised of white power units hauling a white trailer. Very forgettable to say the least. That is why I stopped in my tracks when I saw these three brand new Freightliner Coronados wearing the J.B Hunt DCS logo. DCS stands for Dedicated Contract Services. Basically, if you have a business that uses a fleet of trucks and drivers you can outsource that work to J.B. Hunt through DCS. They will provide dedicated equipment and drivers to meet your needs. The three Coronados below are a very interesting choice of truck for behind the scenes contract hauling as they tend to pack larger engines and payload capacity than your average Class 8 semi. They also appear to be wearing larger tires on aluminum rims suggesting a life dedicated to some form of bulk material transport.

Freightliner Coronado - Click to Enlarge

And here is how they arrived at Tracey Road Equipment, on the back of a brand new NFI Cascadia wearing super singles on the rear axles. I know the advantages that super singles pose but from a visual stand point I just don’t care for them.

Shiny and New - Click to Enlarge

As always, if you know more about the trucks or companies mentioned above let me know.

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3 Responses to At the Dealer – Three Coronados for J.B. Hunt

  1. Patrick says:

    Hi Eric,
    I saw one of the Jb Hunt Coronados today at Pilot on 7th North. He was hauling a Cargill grain trailer, much larger than any tanker I have ever seen.


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