At The Dealer – Western Star 4800

New trucks, some of them look pretty puny compared to their predecessors with their plastic bits, pointless chrome and car sized steering wheels.  And while the “good ol days” may have passed us by some newer models can still muster up that tough look.  Today we have a Western Star 4800, 6×6.  I really have no doubt that this truck is destined to be a plow.  Notice that the lights sockets have been omitted at the factory, this is a  classic sign of a dedicated plow truck.  No need for lights when a massive plow will block them year round.

Western Star 4800 - Click To Enlarge

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4 Responses to At The Dealer – Western Star 4800

  1. Ryan says:

    Now I can deal with a little chrome if the truck is as beefy as that Western Star!!

  2. Dave says:

    Did you ever see this truck again when it was completed? I’d like to see some pictures of the finished product.

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