Lost and Found – Autocar Dump Truck

I was heading back to civilization after hunting for some old trucks when I came across this Autocar. Needless to say I was surprised as it was sitting right by the road in a very residential part of town. The lesson? You never know where you are going to find the old iron. The registration sticker says this is an ’86 model year. I can’t be sure of the exact model as Autocar was notorious for having a convoluted and illogical name convention. Case in point, the other lost Autocar from a few weeks back, it’s a Dc103645OH..makes….sense? Either way, this is a great old truck. The spot lights on the cab hint at plow truck past but there are no signs of any blade handling equipment so once again, let your imagination figure out the storied past. It’s more fun that way.

Autocar Dump Truck - Click To Enlarge

Autocar Dump Truck - Click To Enlarge

Autocar Dump Truck - Click To Enlarge

Know of any old truck(s) in hiding?  Email Me!

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3 Responses to Lost and Found – Autocar Dump Truck

  1. anonymous says:

    I believe the Alberici’s that own the apartment complex next door own this truck. The truck, runs, drives and moves, and is currently for sale.

  2. Jerry Elkins says:

    How much

  3. Paul says:

    Where is this truck
    Do you know what they are asking ???

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