ATHS Springfield 2012 – Mack

If you are a Mack fan and you did not attend this show please take caution. I fear that once you see the amazing collection of trucks below your soul will be overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. It is better that you live not knowing what you missed. For the rest of you brave souls, carry on. The 2012 Springfield show had a Mack for every man. Superliners? Dime a dozen. R-Models? Stopped counting after a few minutes. What about cabovers you ask? Of course. B-Models? LOL! Nearly every model Mack ever produced was here! I have a TON of videos related to Mack trucks to post. Hopefully the one below will give you a taste of what is to come.

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4 Responses to ATHS Springfield 2012 – Mack

  1. Jack says:

    Hello I like your pics, was woundering if you have a pick of the B-Model that was next to the R Model of Trinio in your first set of pics.

    Thanks Jack

  2. Marcus Francois says:

    My name s Marcus Francois, I am interested into buying few dump Mack trucks. please to email me or call me at anytime at (339) 532-9386.

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