Auotcar Mondays – 1973 DC 10364B

When you think about Autocar trucks what kind of truck comes to mind? Maybe your imagination travels to the the curving and flowing style of a 1940’s U-Model. Or perhaps your tastes lean toward the squared lines of a the ever popular ACL. For me, I see a truck very similar to this 1973 DC 10364BDC owned by Anthony Cortese. Completely restored in 1995 this truck has all the features I love on heavy haul trucks with tall rubber, spokes, external air cleaners, and diamond plate pit fenders all around to name a few. Under that long piano styled hood a small Cam Cummins 350 lurks. A Spicer 5 x 4 trans with Rockwell 65,000 pound rears and a 100 ton oscillating 5th wheel complete the hauling picture.

DC Autocar Truck

Anthony purchased this truck from a farmer in Wind Gap, PA and began the restoration process during which every single part of the truck was touched. And I mean every, single, part. Gauges, wiring, cab roof, all glass, doors, interior, upholstery, and steering components, nothing was overlooked. Rumors abound that this truck was a former Gerosa unit but no proof has been found…yet…to substantiate this claim.

Autocar DC Heavy Hauler

Thank you to Anthony for sharing these amazing photos. Stay tuned for a few more trucks of his in the coming days. Have you spotted an Autocar? Let the world see! Email today!

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