St. Jude Truck Show 2016

Tradition dictates that truck shows take place during warmer weather. I don’t see any of that on the East Coast so I guess that explains all this great footage from Ryan and the St. Jude Truck Show from Sutter, California. Believe it or not the skies were overcast with rain! Rain! Usually a disappointing element to any truck show but with things as they are in California it was welcomed with open arms.  Rigs of all shapes and sizes showed up to the benefit the St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Take a look at this Kenworth T-800 with a massive Cat scraper lurking out back.

Kenworth T-800

To truly appreciate how far trucks have come compare the Kenworth to this Autocar from sometime in the 19TEENs date range. Do you think that steering wheel height is adjustable. And those side mirrors seem to be in a convenient spot. At least it has year round A/C. All kidding aside it’s a very cool machine and no doubt it was just as impressive to the people of the time as the T-800 is today.

Autocar Truck

It seems strange to me but there is only one photo of a B-Model. Just one? We are still overrun with them back east. 😉

Thanks for the share Ryan!

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