Autocar Mondays – 1949 Was A Good Year

I don’t know who designed this model of Autocar truck that most likely dates back to the late 30’s but my hat is off to them. With a low roof line and long hood this truck has a unique big rig hot rod feel. This 1949 was spotted at the 2016 Thresherman’s Reunion by Dave¬†where it stood out in a sea of vintage metal. The registration tag says it is powered by Cummins 300 which I suppose could really mean anything. An original engine? Or has it been repowered like this Autocar from California?

Autocar Truck

Photographic evidence that the truck is just as nice from the other side.


Thanks again to Dave for the great photos from this event. After looking through my emails again I realized I missed a few other good ones. Stay tuned.

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