Autocar Mondays – 1960 A10264

If you’re ever looking for me at a classic truck show make sure you check near registration or the the unloading area. This past week I spent plenty of time at both locations watching as thousands of trucks poured through the gates of the York Expo Center. One such rig was this 1960 Autocar A-10264. Upon arrival I was only able to see a portion of the cab and though by some chance one of the famous stainless steel Edgecom trucks had traveled to the show. I was dead wrong on the make and model but certainly not disappointed in the truck.


The particular Autocar uses aluminum in every logical location to save weight. Think cab, frame, hood, and wheels. Can you believe just a short three months prior to the show this beauty was siting in a back lot completely covered with poison ivy? Neal Wenger is the current owner and spent countless hours removing old paint and aluminum primer to bring the shine back to this marvel. Under the hood a mechanical 220 Cummins stills roars to life with just the flip of a key.

What an awesome truck. It’s great that it was saved for the rest of us to enjoy.

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  1. Jay says:

    I have found a stainless autocar 1958 with cummins 190 single axle in rear what kind of value

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