Walking the Line

Yesterday I told you that I spent plenty of time hanging around the registration lines at the ATHS national convention. I was up there so much it wasn’t uncommon for people to ask me questions about where to sign up, take pictures or wash their trucks. I usually had an answer to those queries but whether they were right or wrong is completely different story. Lurking the line provided me with more than a few great shots with the morning sun at my back and limited amounts of spectators.

Forld L9000 Wrecker

Wandering up and down the line of idling rigs I couldn’t help but think that this must have been what truck stops were like in the past what with various types of diesel engines and marques all within inches of each other. Where else can you find a Detroit powered Marmom cabover parked next to a Pirsch fire truck? To the classics add a generous amount of customized show trucks and you have the recipe that makes ATHS shows so enjoyable.

Peterbilt show truck

Something for everyone. Below is a compilation video of me taking in the sights and sounds. If only my camera was able to bring across the smokey diesel smell you would have the full experience. If you see a truck you really like in this video and I happen to breeze by it don’t worry. I most likely have deeper coverage of it in the works.

Everything you see here today (video excluded) comes from just the one morning of activity! Believe me when I tell you that York was a mad house.

I’ve got two more days of coverage from this spot and we haven’t even reached the unload or photograph section. I better call my web host and ordered up more storage space.

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