Autocar Mondays – Martineau’s Towing

Have you noticed that past two or three Autocar Monday trucks have been tow trucks? To save the rest you need the best. Autocar. This cool shot comes from the world famous Mike TheBostTrucker Gaffin. A trucker by birth, Mike never fails to spot amazing looking trucks while cruising the open roads of New England. Browsing through his Instagram feed as I often do I came across this shot of Martineau’s Towing Autocar rotator of Methuen, MA. This four generation towing family is still at in the original location. While the times, people and equipment have changed the need for a rugged and reliable truck have not. You can check out more photos of the company and their trucks by clicking here. More recent photos can be viewed on their Facebook page here.

Martineau's amazing Autocar wrecker ! #wrecker #towrigs #towtruck #towtrucks #towtrucklife #towrigtuesday #wreckerservice #wreckers #wreckerlife

A photo posted by Boston Trucker from Youtube (@thebostontrucker) on

A big thanks to TheBostonTrucker for sharing this photo and another big thanks to Dave for finding more shots of the Martineau fleet!

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