Autocar Mondays – 1971 Autocar DC10364B

If you blinked you probably missed this truck that was listed on eBay just the other day. It’s a 1971 Autocar DC 10364B. Listed as a prime mover lets check out the resume to see if that tag line lives up the truth.


DD: Thank you for your interest in our position of prime mover. I would like to begin by asking you about your gearing. Can you tell you me how you are equipped to pull heavy loads?

DC: Certainly! My main gearbox is a six speed Allison automatic, model CLBT5960-6. I also have a four speed Fuller auxillary transmission for the heaviest of situations.

DD: Very nice. What about your frame? Strong gearing is meaningless if you will twist into a pretzel under slight hauling.

DC: I do have a reinforced triple frame mostly free of rust.

DD: Mostly?

DC: I am 44 after all.

DD: As you know, Federal law prohibits me from disqualifying you based on age.

DC: Phew!

DD: What is your strongest asset?

DC: That would have to be my low mileage 12V71 Detroit Diesel engine.

DD: *heavy breathing*

DC: Are you okay?

DD: Mmrehm, yes. Can you tell me about any other qualifications that might set you above other candidates for this position?

DC: I come equipped with a 100,000 pound winch and tandem rear Rockwell SFDD4640 axles with 8.07 gearing.

DD: Welcome aboard! When can you start?

$_57 (1)

And that’s my take on an conversation with an inanimate object. The original listing stated that this truck was once owned by Mooney Brothers in New Castle, PA. The opening bid was 5,000 but the auction was ended before anyone could take a shot. Most likely someone saw a truck they really liked and made an irrefusable offer. That’s how the cookie crumbles on eBay. You can visit the original listing by clicking here.

And by the way, if you’re scratching your head about the automatic transmission with a 4 speed auxillary I don’t blame you. As fate would have it there is another A-Car on eBay right now with similar specs as this one. The most notable exeception being the huge planetary axles in the rear. Check out the listing to catch a glimpse of the cab setup.

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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – 1971 Autocar DC10364B

  1. I am the guy the that bought the A car (prime mover) off E bay last week.If anyone has info please contact me.603 641 8608

    • Paul Mooney says:

      Hey Brian, my name is Paul Mooney, I am the great grandson of the original owner of that truck and the grandson of the man who spec’d it out. I was recently looking to see if this truck still was kicking and then I came across this article. I would really appreciate if I could get in contact with you about it sometime soon.

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