International 650 Excavator

I think it’s safe to say you don’t see many International 650 excavators around anymore. For many years I’ve kept my eye on this machine but the timing was just never right to grab a decent photo. The heavy equipment stars aligned this weekend and I was finally able to to capture my prize. So what do I know about this machine? Absolutely nothing. Thankfully the internet has a few facts for me to crib. To enter the tracked excavator market International purchased controlling rights of French manufacturer Yumbo. No relation to the Burger King sandwich. Of the two parents I’m unsure of how International or how Yumbo the 650 design represents. The production year of this machine most likely falls between 1978 and 1982 with ’82 being the file year before the great sell off of International’s farm and construction equipment divisions. Power to this machine reportedly comes from an International DT402 diesel engine producing 118 HP. Hydrulic power ran at 4350 PSI at 55 gallons per minute. Anyone know how that stacks up to similar machines of the time period? This 650 certainly looks like a burly machine and I be that DT402 is capable of making some noise. It would be cool to see it running. You can check out more info on the International tracked excavators and Yumbo by visiting this article at

International 650 Excavator

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4 Responses to International 650 Excavator

  1. Nathan felix says:

    I, have this machine but how to get spea pats

  2. Terry says:

    Looking for parts?

  3. Jeremiah says:

    I own one of these beasts, and love it. Parts are available since international made so much farm equipment with the same engines, just find a diesel mechanic who knows their stuff. It’s definitely a loud engine lol, but it can move some dirt and push over trees like nothing else.

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