Autocar Mondays – Broken Back

The DC line of Autocar trucks has a long and storied career. My personal favorite happens to be the earlier models with the rounded grill and classic Autocar hood emblem. This old truck looks like it is ready to roll out of its exile but a nasty crack running running the length of the frame probably means it will continue to sit and watch the wild flowers grow.

This particular model of DC also rocks the old style dash with white faced gauges. Perfection!

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5 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Broken Back

  1. gary wallace says:

    whats the old mack next to it , a western maybe gw

  2. Skip Yates says:

    What a beauty….wonder where this old girl is sitting?

  3. Skip Yates says:

    Wonder if this truck is available? & what location…

  4. Skip yates says:

    Someone out there must know where this Autocar is parked?

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