Autocar Mondays – A Perfect Trio

When it comes to restored Autocar Trucks I just don’t think it can get any better than this U-Model of the Mahan Collection. To begin the truck is pristine throughout with period correct details to be found from top to bottom. When was the last time you saw a U-Model spec’d this heavy? Once again, we have another truck that would look stunning run down the open road in the bright sun. For an extra level of cool it has suicide doors. I’ve been told this particular truck was restored over 25 years ago. Say what?!

Autocar U Model

Elsewhere on the grounds, this monster. Rear axles and tire combos don’t come much larger than this unless the have planetary gears and hubs. Once again, pristine shape in every way. If a Toyota Tundra can pull the space shuttle what could this truck pull?

Big Autocar Truck

And finally, the truck the deserves a better spot than it’s current back corner of the shop, this DC Autocar mixer. It was simply impossible of getting a decent shot of this truck. There was no room to fit it in the frame. Too bad as this truck, from bumper to mixer was completely restored. What an awesome piece of construction history. A feature that really stood out was the lack of spoke wheels on the truck. While certifiably not uncommon for the time these bud style(?) wheels were not the standard on heavy trucks like this Autocar.

Autocar DC Cement Truck

And with this post we are done with Mahan Collection coverage. A big thank you to the ATHS Hudson Mohawk chapter for letting me tag along and the folks at the Mahan Collection for opening the doors to hundreds of fellow truck nuts. It was a wonderful experience.

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  1. Daryl says:

    I have an Autocar model U-70 and I am having problems locating the Vin number on the frame. Any idea where I can look to find it?

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