The Other B Word

While browsing through the trucks of the Mahan Collection last weekend there were plenty of conversations to overheard. Some of the most common phrases were “Look at this” or “Can you believe it”. There also was plenty of swearing or as a lawyer would call them, excited utterances. While ogling one particular Brockway, a 527 cabover, I heard some refer to the Cortland built masterpiece as “that Bastard brand”.  I wont lie, it sorta rubbed me the wrong way but then I realized I was probably in the presence of Mack fan who felt challenged by the obvious build and engineering superiority that were Brockway Trucks. 😉

Brockway 527 Cabover

So when was the last time you saw one of these? And with a sleeper no less! Very cool and very well preserved. How about that rolled interior?

Brockway 527 Interior

The specific model is a E527T – 77076 with a Fuller RoadRanger RT-910. I’m not sure what lies under the cab but in the first photo you can see the Farr air cleaners poking between the sleeper and cab.

Not to far from the 527 was this 360 model, at least that is what I recall it as being. The green sheet metal and the gold frame seem awfully familiar to me but I’m not sure why. Maybe I’ve seen it at past Brockway shows? I dunno. Please refresh my memory if you can.

Brockway 360

And finally, to show what can be done to the truck above with the right vision, a pristine 360. It simply was impossible to grab a more telling shot of this truck and that’s a crying shame. It would look amazing out in the sun with light smoke coming from the exhaust.

Brockway 360

With this entry and tomorrow’s Autocar Monday post the Mahan Collection coverage will draw to a close. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

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3 Responses to The Other B Word

  1. David Kingsbury says:

    The MACK Definitely Looks Better!!!!!
    Best thing Mack did was get rid of the Brockway Line!!!!!

    • Eric says:

      Mack really didn’t have a choice as Brockway was showing them up in every segment including the next generation of trucks, one of which would become the Superliner.

      Can’t have the child upstage the parent!

  2. Mike Blais says:

    I worked for a company that had three 527s. One was a single axle tractor. They put an air lift 5th wheel on it and made it into a yard horse. I worked second shift and spent many hot summer nights in it, sitting on top of a Cummins Super 250.

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