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Depending on your knowledge of social media you may or may not be familiar with the use of hastags. On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram hastags are used to search and categorize past posts. There is no limit to what a hastag can be. Simply enter the symbol (#) and then your search or post phrase. For example, #atetoomuchturkey will bring you post of people complaining of eating too much turkey after Thanksgiving. I’m sure a decade from now you’ll want to relieve these moments of perfect strangers and that’s what the # tag will help you do. For stuff that matters, truck stuff, head on over to the likes of Twitter or Instagram and type #awesomeautocar. The results will probably feature a photo of this truck and many others.

This particular photo comes to us from the 2008 ATCA national meet in Macungie, PA. If you can find a photo that better fits the tag of #awesomeautocar please share it with me because I can’t and won’t believe it till I see it.

Autocar Roll Off

Truck perfection in each way. If you desire to see more of this ’72 beauty search for Dibella Autocar and you’ll find plenty of photos and even a few videos. I can’t say that I’ve seen this truck in recent years but I sure do I hope we cross paths again.

Autocar Roll Off

For nostalgia purposes only here is a short clip of it running at the 2007 show. Video technology sure has come a long way in eight years.

Have you spotted an Autocar? Let the world see! Email today!

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  1. Bill ward says:

    I worked for Autocar from 68 to 1080, when they closed the plants and moved to Oden,Utal and put about 450 people out of work. I live about 2 hours from magcungie .If this truck has the original engine in it, I built it up to have it installed. Autocar was the only truck I believed that was built up side down, until the engine was drop in. That was a good job to have and work, UAW local 131 how I remember in Exton , p a. Very nice truck.

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