Autocar Mondays – Construcktor VAC Truck

Below is a Autocar Construcktor VAC truck that once belonged to the Town of Clay, NY. According to the date stamp on the photos I spotted this truck at Tracey Road Equipment back in May of 2010. At that time I believe the truck was still in active service with the town. Over the next three years the truck would show up on Tracey’s lot eventually earning a spot in the used truck row. I don’t remember the exact specifics but it was listed a 1979 model with an asking price of nearly 30,000 dollars. I guess vac trucks hold their value. Back in the early fall I spotted this truck working on a trenching job at a local shopping center. I figured the Construcktor finally found a good home and it warmed my heart. It was nice start to the holiday season. A short time later it returned to the lot a Tracey but is no longer listed for sale. One can only speculate at its future.

Autocar Construcktor

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  1. Joe says:

    Great pictures Eric. I don’t remember this one at all and I have a lot of pictures of Clay’s equipment, granted much of it from auctions of years past. They recently auctioned their 1978 Autocar Construcktor dump this past summer.

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