Payloader H-120

Last month I went to an auction at Solvay Iron Works where this Hough H-120 Payloader was lurking around the back of the property. It wasn’t included¬†in the auction but that didn’t stop a steady flow of people from checking it out. As I inspected this vintage piece of heavy iron I was asked more than once if it was for sale. People wanted this machine. Can you blame them?

Hough H-120 Payloader

This H-120 is powered by a Cummins NRT 6CI. If I read the engine tag information correctly it was assembled in April of 1962. This date seems to mesh with the H-Series line of loaders that ran from 1958 through the 1970’s.

If the green and yellow paint job seems familar congratulations are in order because you have a fantastic memory. A little over a year ago I shared a few photos (click here) of a smaller Hough loader that were once brothers in the same company, Joe Mento Inc.

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