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I mentioned last month that during a recent trip to NJ I spied more than a few great looking Autocars. I find it amazing that trucks I would drool over if found here in upstate are fairly common place in the NY/NJ metro area. You guys down there have no idea that you are living the dream! This Autocar first caught my eye early in the visit. I would pass it many times swearing that I would grab a shot of it before leaving NJ. It would be a tricky one to catch as it sat in the middle of a toll plaza surrounded by 10 tens lanes of heavy traffic on either side. On the very last day I figured the time had come to take a stab at the Autocar. I took up position in the back seat of my car and instructed my wife to stay in the left lane as much as possible. No small feet in Jersey as that is the lane reserved for 100+ mph traffic. She did great and fell back on her roots of the state that taught her how to drive. As we got close to the truck I was dismayed to find four more lanes of merging traffic right in the line of my shot. Oh well. I’m sure the people in the car next to me wondered what the hell I was doing.


And there it is. My sole Autocar catch of the entire trip. It turned out good enough all things considered. I can tell you that cab reads JMS. The fine print underneath is too blurry to read at high resolutions. Can anyone out there fill in the blanks?

*Service Note* The B-Roll is back! I’m not sure how long it was down, maybe a few weeks? Perfect time to stop by and check it out. There is bound to be something new!

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  1. Joe says:

    This truck belongs to Joseph M Sanzari Construction in Hackensack. I remember they also had a fair number of steel butterfly hood GMC 8500’s from the late ’70’s and early ’80’s around. They used them as single axle dumps and may still run a few.

    I’ve got some more Jersey iron coming up on Flickr soon and possibly something for Autocar Monday’s too!

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