Locked Out

I’m not too sure what happened but for the past 24 hours or so I was not able to access this site. No matter what computer or cell phone I tried the page would never load. I figured there was a major behind the scenes problem with my webhost or worse…database corruption. Perhaps the problem I’ve experienced with the B-Roll page had spread? I eventually gave up for the evening and went to bed assuming the worst but hoping for the best. The next day I went to an auction at Saunders Concrete and had a few moments to check my phone. To my surprise I was able to pull up the site. Hours later I went home only to find the page down again. Turns out the site was up the entire time but somehow blocked on my home network. ¬†Go figure. As mysteriously as the problem began it left. Hopefully never to return. So here is what we all should have seen yesterday.


Look familiar? A few weeks ago we saw the same tanker hooked to International. Now a Northern Mack is at the helm. Weird combo of local trucking firms.


So if you like this Mack you’ll like what I have to bring you in a few days from the auction previously mentioned. I also have a fix for the B-Roll gallery as well. Stay tuned!

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