Autocar Mondays – From Street to Site

The open road may no longer call for this pair of Autocars but that doesn’t mean their work is finished. Dave sends in these photos of a ’83 and a ’84 model that were once owned by Dutchess Quarry and Supply. Back in those glory days these two trucks were paired with tri-axle Montone dump trailers and could be found working the roads in and around Pleasant Valley, NY through the early 2000’s. What a site that must have been!

Autocar DK Dump Truck

Over the years the trucks were sold and switched over from tractor units to the current dump truck setup you see here. They are primarily site trucks now but in still in excellent shape as their aggregate hauling days spared them from the sheet metal devouring road salt mixture that appears on New York roads each winter. Now these two just have to worry about careless heavy  equipment operators. 😉

Autocar DC Dump Truck

Cat power resides under the hoods in the from of a 3406A for the 83 and a 3406B for the 84. Both trucks have 13 speeds with 44,000 lbs rear axles on Hendrickson suspension. With around 275,000 miles on each truck hopefully this power couple has many more years together. A big thanks to Dave is due for his information and photos!

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