Autocar Mondays – John’s Towing

John’s Towing of Tonawanda, NY is one of the premier towing and recovery specialist of the region with over 37 years of experience. Founded by William H. Grunzweig Sr. and his three sons the company has thrived by offering unmatched customer service through a well trained staff and expertly maintained equipment. While a strong work ethic proves to be the backbone of the company the muscle continues to come from this beastmode Autocar.

Autocar Tow Truck

Capable of pulling the heaviest truck or trailer or crane this truck helps keep John’s towing at the forefront of the Western New York tow scene. Oh, by the way, Buffalo receives its fair share of snow but it doesn’t look like this right now. This great shot comes from the Flickr album of DiamondReo90, scroll through the pages and marvel at the wonders that reside in Buffalo, NY and beyond. Some great stuff! Also swing by John’s Towing and Storage to view more of their fleet and learn more about the company.

Have any Autocar you would like to share? Email with photos and information!

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