Autocar Mondays – Red Handed

Spotless. Pristine. Factory Fresh. Better than new? The perfect companion to rescue old trucks and other equipment? Yes to all counts. Last week I mentioned I was done with photos from the ATHS national convention but it turns out I’m a big fat liar. This 1984 Autocar DC-64B is proof.

Autocar with Trailer

This fine example of Autocar was locatedĀ near an hot spot of A-Car activity. Just a few trucks down the row this DK-64B with Holmes 850 wrecker was parked next to yet another DK tractor. It was paradise I tell you. This one reminds me very much of the Syracuse DPW wrecker still in service. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same year with similar specs if you look past the obvious 6×6 exception.

1985 Autocar DK-64B

Below are some random clips of Autocars coming and going throught the show grounds. Some are brand new to us while others were seen in previousĀ coverage.

I’m always left wanting more.

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