Detroit Diesel Opus

As I kid I remember going to the local firemens field days and the parade that came along with it. I was too young at the time to realize that many of the trucks were Detroit Diesel powered. I only knew that the sounded slightly different from other trucks in that they were much louder no matter what they were doing. Being a fire truck the exhausts on these rigs was usually routed under or the side of the tuck placing it eye level with my younger self sitting along the parade route. I guess over the years the fumes got into my brain and my ears and now I can’t get enough of that two stroke sound. Now you can find plenty of people who swear by Detroit Diesel engines and plenty who swear at them but I think we can all agree the howl of a two stroke is music that you just don’t hear on the open road anymore. It’s a shame but one that can be forgotten, at least momentarily, by watching the video below. You guessed it. Nothing but Detroit after Detroit powered trucks from the 2015 ATHS National Convention.

And if you you’re looking for more here is a playlist I created from the extensive Daily Diesel Dose video collection. Over 30 videos provide hours of entertainment.

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