Autocar Mondays – Return Visit

We last saw this truck a little over two months ago for Autocar Mondays so I believe more than enough time has passed to share more photos of this fine machine from 1961. As mentioned before this rig is setup with a 250 Cummins and 4 + 3 trans. Only 67,000 miles show on the odometer along with 1250 hours. Accurate? Who can say for sure but the truck reportedly starts without a problem in cold weather and runs tight down the road. Most everything on this truck is aluminium including the frame, fenders and cab which help to explain the generally rust free condition of this truck. If your lucky you might spot this Autocar rolling through the countryside of Chesaw, Washington where its current owner tries to keep it running at least once a month.

20141105_075112 (1024x875)

Thanks again to Katie for sharing!

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