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I love it when a submission can cover three different segments of this website. To start, we have Autocars for Autocar Mondays. Next, we have one truck that can fall into the Lost & Found category while the other clearly is in the Still Working class. Forget killing two birds with one stone we just got three!

For some time now Clarence has told me about a slate quarry in Vermont that runs a wide variety of old equipment for their in pit operations. Older Macks and Autocars like the one below make a good portion of the fleet.


Put a few pounds of air in the tire and you’ll be good to go. 😉



Now, this is not an Autocar but that doesn’t mean it is any less of truck. This Euclid R50 is packing a Detroit 16V71 under the hood. Whoooooaaaa. Talk about a monster! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If I ever win the lotto I’m buying something like this Euclid. Forget the Ferrari go Euc!


Big thanks to Clarence!

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  1. Jeff says:

    who had the autocars?

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